Siege Bless

Siege Bless is a mechanism that allows Siege Perilous players to bless one of the items on their character. With no insurance and few blessed objects on the shard, this facility enables them to ensure that their favourite or most valuable item cannot be stolen from them or lost in the event of the character's death. The Siege Bless can be switched to different objects as often as desired. Typically it will be applied to a weapon, spellbook or difficult-to-replace artifact being worn by the character, but it could equally be used on a valuable item in their backpack whilst it is being transported through public areas.

The Siege Bless feature appeared with Publish 38 and was a replacement for the Personal Bless Deeds on the shard. As those deeds were only available to the vetaran Siege players, the new system meant that everyone could benefit equally from a specially blessed object and that anyone could carry at least one valuable item in safety. The old PBDs were transformed into Decorative Personal Bless Deeds.


Applying Siege Bless is achieved via the character's Context Menu. After selecting the "Siege Bless Item" option a targeting cursor will appear which can be applied to any object in the character's backpack or paperdoll. If the operation is successful a message will appear stating that [targeted item name] has been blessed. If the character was previously using his bless on another object there will also be a message that [previously blessed item name] has been unblessed. When an item is Siege Blessed it will display the message Blessed for [character name] just above the weight property.


An item will remain Siege Blessed until either the object is placed anywhere other than the character's backpack, paperdoll or bank box, or the Siege Bless is applied to something else. Crossing a server line on a boat will cause the [item name] has been unblessed message to appear, but the object will nevertheless remain Siege Blessed.


Containers, cursed objects and items already blessed may not be Siege Blessed. Items that are currently Siege Blessed may not be traded.