Skill Templates

Here you will find suggested templates for different skillsets, along with their strengths, weaknesses, and play style. They are arranged by the primary skill in the template.


This template is used to solo tank very difficult monsters. It is not very effective in PvP combat. It involves the use of very disparate skills, so its implementation is often confusing and difficult to master.

Jewelry and items can be used to increase necromancy to 99 so that Vampiric Embrace can be cast. (Please Note: You now have to keep those items on. If your skill drops below minimum cast skill while in an alternate form, you will leave that form) The basis for this template is to have a great deal of Hit Mana Leech and Hit Life Leech on your weapon. Use Perfection on the monster you are fighting, Enemy of One and Consecrate Weapon with your chivalry, then spam Lightning Strike until you hit perfection. When used properly a skilled, well-equipped player could potentially solo-tank peerless bosses with this template.

Tactics mage

This template is very strong in pvp combat in today's UO world. The tactics mage is able to inflict large amounts of damage with their magic, while still standing toe to toe with the toughest of melee combatants. Often the tactics mage will act as though they are merely a melee character so that they can surprise their foe with a quick spell for the kill.

The last skill is interchangeable depending upon your play style. The weapon skill can be swapped out for a Mage Weapon. Use jewelry to replenish the lost magery skill from the mage weapon. This leaves your sixth skill open to take parrying, which makes you a formidable foe indeed. Strategies of the Tactics Mage include: precasting Explosion and unleashing upon a foe right before engaging in melee combat. If you are able to inflict enough damage with your weapon, the Explosion will provide a nice finish. If not then a quick Fireball might do the trick.