Solen Matriarch Quest

A seed will loosen her tongue

The Matriarch of the Solen is located at the center of her hive. If she will not speak to you, give her a plant seed to be offered her quest.

She first requires you to kill 7 enemy Solen Infiltrator (Warrior)s and/or Solen Infiltrator (Queen)s. If you started in the red hive you must kill black Solen on the same Facet, and vice versa. The red Solen hive is in Trammel, while black Solen reside in Felucca. Infiltrators can be found outside the hives in the mountains north of Britain or north east of Vesper.

Next she will request that you refresh the Solen water supply. It is recommended that you collect 8 pitchers of water before you head back after killing the requisite Infiltrators.

Once you've emptied the pitchers into the vats located at the south-end of the Solen Hive center chamber, head back to the Matriarch. She will ask for 200 Zoogi Fungus (which you'll hopefully have collected during your previous hunt). Upon receipt, between 250-350 Gold and 100 Powder of Translocation will spawn in your backpack.

You will also no longer be attacked by members of the hive, at least until you start attacking them or befriend the hive of the other Facet.

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