Stolen Goods

Quest Item Quest Title Details Reward
Stolen goods.gif Stolen goods belonging to... Lost in Transit Found on thieves. Deliver to NPC, see note II below A Bag of Treasure

To begin any Lost in Transit quest, drag the Stolen Goods to your backpack and double-click them. Once you have found the NPC the box belongs to, double-click the NPC to complete the quest. Since Stolen Goods are already themselves Quest Items, they do not need to be toggled as such.

The stolen goods must be delivered to one of the following NPCs: Brinnae the Wise in Heartwood, Arielle in Ilshenar, Saril the Guard in Heartwood, Cloorne the Expeditionist in Heartwood, Iosep the Trader in Jhelom, Sarakki the Notary in Britain, Patricus the Trader in Vesper, or Koole the Arcanist in Sanctuary.

See Quest Starting Items