Strange Contraption

Strange Contraption.png

This rather large machine is located in the lower south western area of the Solen Hives.

A book lying on a desk next to it reads:

This device is used to purify water. For it to work, three key ingredients are required: a plague beast core, some moonfire brew, and a fragment of obsidian.

  • A witch who lives between Britain and Yew may provide helpful adventurers with moonfire brew.

Once you have all three items in your backpack, using the machine itself gives this message:

You add the required ingredients and activate the contraption. It rumbles and smokes and then falls silent. The water shines for a brief moment, and you feel confident that it is now much less tainted then before.

This gives you a single blue dot of Compassion (assuming you're at the lowest level).

This device was used to bring to a climax the early Solen event cycle. By purifying the water supply of the Solens, the Solen Queens would end the overland spawn of their own kind. They of course could do nothing to stop the "Infiltrators" from the opposite Solen tribe.

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