so what happens if (through neglect or otherwise) an item's durability and maximum durability both drop to zero. I assume the item breaks or does not work or disappears or something. This is really the key reason why you care about durability --- if I don't repair my favourite sword it will go poof --- but this information is not given on the current page.

(and if I knew then I'd update it myself)

- Geoffb

It's mentioned under this heading. Yeah, once current durability goes to 0, maximum drops instead; bring that down to 0 and you lose the item.

Typically you'll bust plenty of shields in this way training Parrying.

- Bomb Bloke 09:40, 1 July 2008 (PDT)

Added an "Example" bullet point under the mentioned heading, as well as a line in the introductory paragraph. --Cogniac 21:35, 1 July 2008 (PDT)

Thanks All !

- Geoffb

Durability Loss Formula Discrepancies.

Interesting post on stratics refuting the formula. [1]

Despite the little slam to uoguide, they do have some points and evidence.

They pointed to a five on friday dev quote from 2007

"I'm a Legendary Smith - why do I lose durability points so often when I try to repair things?" "Because there's a pretty high base chance to lose a point of durability" seems to be the simple answer. The formula is as follows: Chance to lose Durability = ((40 + Max Durability) - Current Durability) - (repairSkill / 100) (where repair skill is Test Center-style, i.e. GM = 1000, not 100.0) Example: Blacksmithing of 1100 (110.0), 50 current and max durability, yields a 29% chance that max durability will be reduced by 1. If an item has taken more than 71 points of damage, the chance for it to lose a point of durability reaches 100% even for a Legendary smith. So there's a definite choice to be made - do you repair early and often, and risk failure, or late and seldom, and guarantee it?"

This suggests there is always a chance to lose durability on any repair. Also someone mentioned that there is a possible penalty for using a repair contract that should be into the formula as well.

The information is added by JC the Builder on 20 January 2007 with the summary: "Adding Wilki's Information on Repair Chances". This was before the FoF, so I guess either Wilki didn't remember the values clearly or it is misunderstood. The revision is here: [2]
I cleared that section and added the formula in the FoF with a link to that particular FoF. Also updated the skills and the items that have the durability property. Also updated the Repair Contract article, which had quite outdated information.
It is a nice thing to update an outdated article with the help of posts like this, the slam was unfortunately well deserved for this particular article, it seems we somehow managed to neglect it for this long. It was outdated, unlike the alchemy page, which is proved to have correct info here. Nimuaq 21:03, 15 June 2011 (PDT)
Good job. Thanks, I like updating things like this. Between browsing boards and using the random article function on uoguide itself, I figure I'll hit a few here and there. I'll gain a little more confidence in this wiki yet and help out where I can. Feel good about using the talk section now to discuss changes with you before someone does them though! Thanks again. --TullyMars 10:55, 16 June 2011 (PDT)