Talk:Grizzled Mare

Does anyone have any information on this Grizzled Mare statuette? I was very lucky to obtain one after killing this peerless and it is unlike all other statuettes in that if it bonds to its owner indicates it's not like an ethy statuette and can therefore be killed and rezzed. If so, does the person who it bonds to need to be a tamer to control it? Does this also mean that this steed will fight for it's owner like a decaying skeletal steed does? Does it possibly go back into statuette form once created and bonded?

Jurence 13:08, 18 July 2006 (EDT) These things are just like normal horses just with cool graphics. They WILL fight for you if you tell them all kill but dont expect much out of them. Between paraox's swampy and these guys they start off with GM resisting spells, tactics and werstling. Once summoned they cannot be de-summoned and are much like a normal pet. Hope this answers your questions.

Oh and when you summon them they automatically bond to you. They are non-transferable. :>

Wow, thank you for your quick response. Much appreciated.

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