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Intensity Values

* Test shard anyone?

On the TC9 Test Shard I made wooden shields with the carpentry runic kit. I did not get any shields with Hit Chance Increase. With the heartwood runic kit I crafted slayer longbows on test center, bloodwood was the best resource to use. I crafted 25 of those, 10 double slayer, none were a super slayer. The mods on the bows were really nice but not as good as a verite/valorite runic hammer. I always received 16 HLL and 2 HPR with an 30+ damage increase and 2-3 extra mods (none of those where over max.). My conclusion: Carpentry runics are NOT good for pvp, extremely good for pvm. The following is an example slayer longbow crafted:

   blood and poison slayer
   16 HLL and 2 HPR with 36 Damage Inc.
   Velocity 25%
   Hit Mana Leech 42%
   SSI 25%

But most of all bows had the same rule 1 slayer > better mods / 2 slayer > less mods

I also crafted some clubs and armors, these are bad!!! (maybe i was just unlucky)

All quests cn give these kits???

> been trying for 2 weeks to get one, lmao :p

Number Accurary

The Blacksmithy and Tailoring runic data is from the UO website so it should be 100% correct. The Fletching data was done by me using a sampling of 25 crafted items for each tool. After crafting a couple Carpentry items the data looked similar to the Fletching so it was copied from there. If anything is off either correct it, post a reply to the UOForums Runic Tools topic or add a reply to this discussion page. - JC the Builder 12:58, 25 March 2007 (PDT)