Talon Strike

Special move talon strike.gif

Talon Strike is a Ninjitsu Special Move that was added during the Samurai Empire expansion in the fall of 2004.

Attack with increased damage and with additional damage over time.

Talon Strike imparts a Damage Increase of approximately 20%. It also gives the target a negative Hit Point Regeneration for a short time.

  • Mana Cost: 20


  • Require a Ninjitsu skill of 50 or more to use.
  • Example: At Legendary Ninjitsu, Hit Point Regeneration for opponent is negative 50 for 3 seconds.

Primary Weapons

No weapons have Talon Strike as a primary ability.

Secondary Weapons

Weapons with a secondary ability of Talon Strike require 90 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill and Tactics.

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