Template:User Shard

Template:User Shard is designed for use on user shard template pages to display the fact that a user plays on a particular shard.


{{User Shard


{{{shard}}}.gif This user plays on the [[{{{shard}}}]] shard.



  • Usage: Mandatory
  • Description: The shard parameter takes a string denoting the shard that the template corresponds to. This is used to generate the displayed image, the indicated shard in the info text, and the category into which a user is placed upon using the derivative user shard template.
  • Valid Value(s): Any string that corresponds to a valid shard name.


  • Usage: Optional
  • Description: The category parameter takes the value "none" denoting that the page transcluding this template will not be categorized. This is used to generate a blanking of the category, as opposed to the default generated category, which consists of "{{{shard}}} Players," where {{{shard}}} is the value placed in the shard parameter. This parameter should be utilized when using this template as some sort of example, so as to not erroneously categorize the example page on which it is used.
  • Valid Value(s): "none"