The Beacon of Harmony

The Beacon of Harmony is a quest for learning the Bard Masteries of the Peacemaking path: Resilience and Perseverance. In order to begin, you will need to have at least 90.0 skill in Peacemaking and Musicianship and you should locate a Spirit Soother Npc at any conservatory of music located in Britain on Trammel or Felucca.

Quest Description

  • This quest is the single quest required for a player to unlock the peacemaking mastery abilities for bards. This quest can be completed multiple times to reinstate the peacemaking mastery. To prove yourself worthy, you must first be a master of peacemaking and musicianship. You must be able to calm even the most vicious beast into tranquility.

Quest Objective

  • Calm 5 Mongbats. You can find a bunch of them near the Moonglow moongate.


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