The Inquisitor's Resolution

The Inquisitor's Resolution.png
The Inquisitor's Resolution
Weight: 10 Stones
Artifact Rarity 10
Faster Cast Recovery 3
Lower Mana Cost 8%
Physical Resist 5%
Fire Resist 3%
Cold Resist 22%
Poison Resist 3%
Energy Resist 17%
Mage Armor
Strength Requirement 70
Durability: 255 / 255

The Inquisitor's Resolution is an artifact pair of Platemail Gloves.


The Inquisitor's Resolution can be acquired in the dungeon Doom in Malas. It has a rarity of 10 and therefore spawns approximately every 32 days. A minimum of 100 (Grand Master) stealing skill is required.

(138° 38'N 59° 37'W) Located in a hidden room near the dungeon exit portal. In order to reach the hidden room, players must complete the Doom lever puzzle, which requires 4 additional characters. The spawn location varies by a few tiles each time.

Clean Up Britannia points

The Inquisitor's Resolution gives 2,750 Clean Up Britannia (2011) points.


As they come with the Faster Cast Recovery property (very rare for armor) and spawn once per month (if that), they are extremely valuable.

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