The Summoning

Ask Victoria about Chyloth

The Summoning is a quest found in the dungeon Doom and begins with Victoria the Sorceress.


  • Find 1000 Daemon bone.pngDaemon Bones and hand them to Victoria as you find them.

Quest Offer

Victoria turns to you and smiles...

Chyloth, eh? He is the ferry man of lake Mortis, beyond which lies the nest of the The Dark Father - the fountainhead of all the evil that you see around you here.

800 and some years ago, my sisters and I persuaded the ferry man Chyloth to take us across the lake to battle the The Dark Father. My party was utterly destroyed, except for me. For my insolence, I was cursed by the The Dark Father to wander these halls for eternity, unable to die - unable to leave.

Chyloth usually only crosses over the souls of the undead, but he can be persuaded otherwise...with a token of gold, in the form of a human skull. Such a gem can be found only in the belly of the hell spawn known as the devourer.

I can help you summon the beast from the depths of the abyss, but I require 1000 Daemon bones to do so. If you accept my help, I will store the Daemon bones for you until you have collected all 1000 of them. Once the bones are collected in full, I will summon the beast for you, which you must slay to claim your prize.

Do you accept?


You have accepted Victoria's help. She requires 1000 Daemon bones to summon the devourer.

You may hand Victoria the bones as you collect them and she will keep count of how many you have brought her.

Daemon bones can be collected via various means throughout Dungeon Doom.

Once you have given Victoria 1000 Daemon bones, she will not return them to you if you log out or leave the dungeon.

Good luck.


Upon completion, Victoria will spawn the devourer, a Bone Daemon, on the circle of stones east of the room:

Well done brave soul. I shall summon the beast to the circle of stones just South-East of here. Take great care - the beast takes many forms. Now hurry...

I summon forth the forces of evil from the depth of the abyss!

I COMMAND thee to appear!

New Objective

You need to kill the devourer, Bone Daemon to obtain a Golden Skull:

Go forth and vanquish the devourer that has been summoned!


  • Upon the Bone Daemon's death, the character on the quest will receive a message that the Golden Skull is on the corpse. Upon opening the corpse, the Golden Skull will appear in the character's backpack.

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