Thomas' Story

This quest is the next in a chain for the For Great Justice! quest.


You can find the journal on the second level of Wrong. Take the sparkle teleporter near the entrance down and walk down the east hall. Enter the large room and find the hidden door on the north wall. Go out to the black Executioner's Chest and open it. The journal will be placed in your backpack. Return to the dusty skeleton, toggle the journal as a quest item, and double-click the skeleton. You will then be asked to deliver the journal on another quest.


Nothing other than being able to proceed on to the next quest, A Journal Delivery.


That skeleton you're poking at has a history you know. 'Tis all that is left of a boy that went by the name of Thomas. He was convicted for murder! A great injustice the whole farce turned out to be. I wrote his story down in a journal, but the executioner found it. Even though I only had a few years left to serve, he had me executed on the spot.

I bet if you found my journal, you could clear Thomas' name! Unfortunately, I don't know where the executioner kept his things. Perhaps deeper in this prison?

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