Threads of Life

An NPC mage interested in finding respite for the lost souls of Magincia gives this quest. He is located next to the ruined Moongate of Magincia on both facets. His exact name varies on each shard, but he is a mage and his name is in yellow type. This quest may only be completed once per character, although one character may do all the legwork gathering the threads and then trade them to other characters or players. Some of the threads stack with others, but some strangely do not. This is because there are many different versions of the same thread. Each gives a different message if double clicked and only those with the same message will stack.

This quest is part of the storyline for the Warriors of Destiny saga and appeared as part of the War of Shadows chapter with Publish 56.


Oh Magincia, how strong you were. once the jewel of Sosaria... Now I need the help of others rebuild and souls here need respite. If you can speak to the Restless Souls, you may be able to help them move onward. bring me three Threads of Life that they should leave behind, and I will give you something to remember what we had forgotten.

Walk Through

To complete the quest, first double click the quest giver and accept the Threads of Life quest. Then gather or aquire 3 of the correct threads. Next use your text menu and chose toggle quest item and target the requested threads to mark them. Lastly, double click the quest giver to complete the quest. Do not forget to accept your reward.


Found on Restless Souls wandering in Magincia. These spirits names are in yellow, their shrouds are ethereal colored, and they can not be damaged by normal means. Restless souls spawn in preset areas and remain there until released. Use Spirit Speak near them to send them to the afterlife. This only releases one per casting even if more are near by. Once you have begun speaking with a spirit, you can invise or run off and you will continue to speak with the spirit until it is released without losing your chance or receiving a thread. This allows you to locate your next spirit while releasing the last or to hide if red spirits are aggroing you. Sometimes they will drop the Thread of Life. No minimum skill in Spirit Speak is required to speak with the Restless Souls.


Ah, thank you! With this we can begin to bring life back to this land. Take this - may it be a reminder to you that life is precious.

Random one of the following Furniture described Rubble items:

  • Coat rack
  • Rack of painting easels
  • Rope with pulley
  • Unfinished dresser

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