UOGuide:Holiday Scene Contest

Decorate your house to create a holiday themed scene. Whether it be from a movie, a song or something you made up entirely. It could be a simple as having NPCs singing carols around a Christmas tree or something more elaborate. Use anything available in the game, whether it be items, pets, monsters you manage to lure in, spell effects, etc. If you don't manage to get it right the first time you can always take another screenshot.

If you have any questions about entering please Contact Us.


  • 1st Place - Muriel for a classic manger scene
  • 2nd Place - Lady Michelle with a display of Santa's arrival
  • 3rd Place - Oracle is getting ready for the Christmas party


  • Take 1 screenshot of your scene. (tips on screenshot taking can be found here)
  • Register a user account on UOGuide if you have yet to do so.
  • After logging in, upload your screenshot using the upload form. Name your screenshot username_contest.
  • Go to your personal UOGuide user page and edit it to include your uploaded screenshot. You can visit your user page by clicking your name in the upper-right corner of any UOGuide page while logged in.
    • Click "Edit" tab at the top of your user page.
    • Add [[File:username_contest.jpg]] in the text area. Replace username_contest.jpg with the name and file type you uploaded earlier.
    • Include the shard name and coordinates of the scene someone on the page.
    • Add [[Category:UOGuide Holiday Scenes]] to your user page.
    • Use "Show Preview" to make sure it looks right, then press "Save Page"

You are now entered.


Prizes are awarded in the form of codes from the UOGamecodes.com store.

  • First Prize - Choice of any item $30 or less
  • Second Prize - Choice of any item $20 or less
  • Third Prize - Choice of any item $10 or less

Winners will be contacted via the email associated with their UOGuide.com user account. They will also be announced on this page.


JC the Builder judged the contest entries.


  • Contest runs from the time of this posting until 11:59PM Eastern Standard January 10, 2011
  • Each person can only enter once
  • Scene must be created on an EA production shard or test center
  • Images can not be altered or enhanced in any way other than cropping
  • Entries can be changed/updated as many times as a user wants up until the contest deadline
  • Contest rules may be updated/changed as issues arise