Ultima Online Naming Policy

This policy applies to characters, Pets, items and other in-game naming methods.

You are encouraged to choose a name that represents your character in the way you want to be seen (for instance, a character named "Big Bird" may not be taken as seriously by others as a character with a more contextually appropriate name such as "Lothar"). However, we also ask that good discretion be used when choosing names for characters, guilds, titles, houses, pets, or any other item or entity in game which can be custom-named. Examples of inappropriate names include, but are not limited to:

  1. Any name that violates the Rules of Conduct or Terms of Service. This includes names that are racially motivated, sexually graphic, anatomical and excretory references, hateful, defamatory, ethnically derogatory, in reference to hate groups, or any other names that would be offensive in nature including homonyms. Simply, if your name defames any demographic or is in poor taste you are likely to be actioned.
  2. Any name that violates any third party trademark, copyright or other propriety right.
  3. Names of any Electronic Arts employee or any customer service representative of Electronic Arts, past or present.
  4. Any name that is defamatory or attempts to defame the reputation of another account holder, an employee of Electronics Arts, property of Electronic Arts or Electronic Arts itself. The use of derogatory, defamatory or offensive content in conjunction with names of famous or important historical, political or religious figures.
  5. Names of modern era serial killers or anyone, or group who have committed crimes against humanity in the past 100 years, or any name that is closely connected with these acts.
  6. Names of items, or proper names of NPCs in Ultima Online, as well as Ultima fiction names (e.g. Lord British, Lord Mondain, Exodus).
  7. Any name involving a combination of words that produces an offensive result. Masked profanity or slang which denotes offensive terms.
  8. Names which are website URL’s or the personal information of you or another.
  9. Misspellings, phonetic spellings, word combinations, or alternative spellings of any names that violate the above rules.

Names Policy Enforcement

If a name is found to be in violation of any of the above policies, a customer support representative will intervene. When customer support is called to evaluate an improper name, one of the following actions will be taken:

  • Nothing - The name is not deemed offensive and the character is permitted to keep the name.
  • Name Changed - The character will receive a warning, or suspension and a name change. This will occur with borderline and relatively benign names that still violate our name policy to a minor degree.
  • Character Deleted - If the name is deemed offensive your account will be actioned and your character will be removed from the game.

In addition, an inappropriate name may also constitute a violation of the Rules of Conduct, which may subject you to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of your UO Account.