Shard: Europa

Affiliations: Guild of Europa (GoE) / Hand of Honour Alliance

Title: Wandering Cleric


Been playing UO for two years now, almost exclusively as PvM. Founder of GoE, although thankfully my friend Silk is now Guild Leader, and also of the Rune Smiths and Eldar Spellweavers guilds. I seem to spend most of my time trying to find out the quickest way of achieving maximum levels in skills. I've found this to be a great way of learning about game mechanics and subsequently creating some bespoke, oddball templates. Written a few contributions on Detect Hidden and Parry so far.

I am very much an opponent of using any form of assitance from third party programmes as I think that they imbalance the game (PvP in particular) and that modifications should be in-game only.

Tried pretty much all the skills available and as powerful as mages can be or as easy to use as tamers are, I still prefer melee warriors (Macers!!!!) above any other type of character. For me, going toe-to-toe is just too much fun! Still a huge fan of T Hunters too, an underrated occupation in my opinion.

I do play on other shards besides Europa, particularly Atlantic and Lake Superior where I run small units of the Rune Smiths guild on both shards. I am always interested in meeting new players and particularly of discussing aspects of skill gains and template design.


Some links to a few of my characters, if you see any of them please feel free to stop me for a chat!









Quite a few of these, but the three that really stick out for me are:

1. Have a character reach legendary skill in Spellweaving

2. Create a warrior capable of doing a peerless boss solo

3. Complete my seed library - seems to require Zen-like qualities to reach this