Virtue Armor Set

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The Virtue Armor Set is an 8-piece Item Set.

  • This set was introduced in stages: the Cloak of Humility was introduced with Gareth's Quest in Publish 40; the Gauntlets of Valor and the Helm of Spirituality were introduced as 8th Anniversary gifts (they are still available from Heritage Tokens); the Gorget of Honesty was introduced with the Seeker of Truth quest in Publish 43; the remaining pieces were introduced, and all but the Cloak were re-introduced, as Virtue Artifacts with the 10th Anniversary content in Publish 47.
  • Each piece of this set gains an additional +5 to every resist and Self Repair 5 when the entire set is equipped.
  • Virtue armor starts out dyed; when the complete set is worn, the "tarnish" is removed and it takes on its true appearance. While it's possible to apply Pigments of Tokuno, these will also be cleansed when you equip the full set. Removing a piece of the armor restores the effects of any dyes. They can be permanently removed via Bleach.
  • This set is excellent for the purposes of training skills such as Parrying (which essentially involves taking damage at a high rate), or as a reliable form of defense in areas where much Gold would otherwise be lost to Insurance. On the other hand, due to the limited amount of Item Properties (albeit in high intensities) players seldom use it on a regular basis.
  • Note that although wearing the complete set will give you resistance levels above your caps (70 in each type with 75 in energy if you're an Elf), it does not effect the caps themselves. The extra points are of no benefit unless you are under the negative effects of a spell such as Corpse Skin.

Total Stats


Arms Of Compassion (Dyed).png Arms of Compassion Breastplate Of Justice (Dyed).png Breastplate of Justice Cloak Of Humility (Dyed).png Cloak of Humility
Gauntlets Of Valor (Dyed).png Gauntlets of Valor Gorget Of Honesty (Dyed).png Gorget of Honesty Helm Of Spirituality (Dyed).png Helm of Spirituality
Legs Of Honor (Dyed).png Legs of Honor Sollerets Of Sacrifice (Dyed).png Sollerets of Sacrifice

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