Virtue Quests


The Virtue quests each revolve around the original eight Virtues of Ultima lore and attempt to have the player understand and embody the teachings of each. The outcome, and thus the reward, of each quest may vary depending on the actions, knowledge and choices made by the character on the quest. The original eight Virtue Quests first appeared with Publish 38 in December, 2005.

An additional Virtue Quest for Humility(Know Thy Humility to acquire the Cloak of Humility), was introduced with Publish 40 in May, 2006.

  • Note: Each quest can only be completed once per character.


Virtue Quest Quest Giver NPC Location
Compassion Gentle Blade Fabrizio the Master Weaponsmith The Lycaeum, North of Moonglow on Verity Isle
Honesty Honest Beggar Evan the Beggar East of West Britain Bank, near southern bridge, Britain
Honor The Honor of the De Boors Derek the Merchant Outside of Trinsic Royal Bank, Trinsic
Humility Unfading Memories Emilio the Tortured Artist Artists Guild, Britain
Humility Know Thy Humility Gareth the Emissary of the RBC Sons of the Sea, Trinsic
Justice Guilty Natalie the Lady Outside of Skara Brae Town Hall, Skara Brae
Sacrifice A Ghost of Covetous Ben the Apprentice Necromancer The Barnacle Tavern, Minoc
Spirituality Aemaeth Aurelia the Architect's Daughter Small house west of the Jhelom Moongate, Jhelom
Valor Doughty Warriors Kane Master of Arms Trinsic Training Hall, Trinsic