Whirlwind Attack

Whirlwind Attack

The Whirlwind Attack Special Move is similar to the Bushido attribute Frenzied Whirlwind. It allows a single warrior to damage multiple adjacent targets in a single attack. Whirlwind Attack is limited to aggressors; it will not cause damage to party members, allies, or innocents. This special move can be activated by setting a key macro for the appropriate primary or secondary weapon ability or double-clicking the icon in 2D. The icon will highlight red when activated. This special move, when combined with a high bushido, allows a melee warrior to clear out a number of enemies all at once, making this special move a must-have for felucca and ilshenar champ spawns.

  • Mana Cost: 15

Bushido Bonus

Bushido gives a damage bonus to Whirlwind  : ((# of opponents * Bushido) * (# of opponents * Bushido) / 3600) = Bonus Damage

For example, if you are using a weapon with Whirlwind on it, and you are surrounded by 4 enemies, and have a Bushido skill of 90, the additional damage you do to each of those enemies will be 36 points of additional damage. The damage bonus is capped at 100. [1]

Primary Weapons

Weapons with a primary ability of Whirlwind Attack require 70 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill.

Secondary Weapons

Weapons with a secondary ability of Whirlwind Attack require 90 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill.


  • The tooltip description for Whirlwind Attack was changed by Publish 21, which was released on November 26, 2003.

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