An Egg

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Incubating the Egg

The egg must be placed and remain inside a locked down and secured incubator for 3 complete real life days to reach maturity. During that period, the player must water the egg once a day so it retains its moisture. After 72 hours, if all steps have been followed, the egg will be ready to be hatched. If the egg incubates for 48 hours after becoming mature, it will burn.


Growth Period

Whenever the egg is moved, it verifies if its destination is inside another incubator. If yes, verifies how much time it has already been incubating previously. If it has already exceeded the maximum incubation time allowed, it will burn the egg. Otherwise, it will set an incubation (re)start timer on itself which will verify every hour whether or not it has gone over the maximum incubation time.

If the egg is picked-up, it sets an incubation end time and establishes the difference between the latest (re)start timer and the current end time and adds that duration to total incubation time completed for an updated value.

Watering the Egg

Use a water pitcher on the egg once a day as every time the 24 hour period has elapsed, or it will become dry. If the egg hasn’t been watered for one day, it will be dehydrated on the following day and need to be watered twice to be healthy. Not watering the egg once will not prevent the growth of the egg. If not watered twice, the egg will not grow that day and has a 50% chance of being burnt. It also decreases its chance of yielding a dragon turtle.

A dragon turtle egg Newly laid egg or hasn't completed incubation stage 1
A moist dragon turtle egg Is watered
A dry dragon turtle egg Is in incubator for 24 hours or less and needs watering
A parched dragon turtle egg Hasn't been watered for 48 hours
A dehydrated dragon turtle egg Hasn't been watered for over 48 hours with no initial watering
A burnt dragon turtle egg Was never watered or exceeded max incubation time
A mature dragon turle egg Ready to be hatched.

Growth Signs

As a visual indication of the growth stage and health to the player, the egg will change in size for each growth stage and change in hue according to its type and health. Each completed healthy stage will increase the size of the egg. On maturity, the egg will change hue indicating whether it is a normal or battle chicken lizard.

Egg stages chart.jpg