Animal Training

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With the addition of Publish 97 tameable animals can now be trained with special ability's or have their skills and stats modified in addition to the traditional Pet Training. Animal training can be done at any time in the pets life weather is freshly tamed or fully trained with maximum skills and stats. the only exception is 5 slot pets as these are considered to already be at maximum strength. Pets also now receive a special pet training power hour beginning when the pet first gains in its training progress, increasing the amount of training progress the pet normally receives from the target. The Discovering Animal Training Quest taken from any Animal Trainer NPC often found in the city stables will explain how to begin this process and will reward the character with the Title “Ethologist.”

Restricted Pets

Some creatures are restricted from the new Animal training system. they are:

Creature Classification

Some abilities can only be taught to creatures with a certain classification to see Tameables for a list. there is 6 different classifications.

  • Magical
  • Necromantic
  • Sticky Skin
  • Clawed
  • Tailed
  • Insectoid

Individual Attribute Caps

Base Damage

Base damage per second is capped based on slot level, the maximum of 22 only being attainable when options are applied to a 4 slot pet, raising it to 5 slot. You can only raise the minimum base damage not the maximum.

  • 1 slot raising to 2: 8
  • 2 slot raising to 3: 13
  • 3 slot raising to 4: 17
  • 4 slot raising to 5: 22

Base damage per second of 22 will show on the pet’s animal lore gump as base damage 24 – 33

Increased Skill Caps

You can now increase a Pets Skill Caps to 105, 110, 115 or 120 with power scrolls.

You must have the relevant Power scroll in your backpack to increase the pets skill cap when upgrading your pet.

The pets skill caps are broken into 2 categories, Magic and Combat.

Magic Skill Caps

Combat Skill Caps

Skills with no Power Scrolls

These skills don't have power scrolls and so can not be raised any higher then when the pet was tamed EG: Rune Beetle can be tamed with 120+ Poisoning skill, but other creatures that you add the poisoning skill to can't raise above GM skill as there is no power scrolls for poisoning.

Animal Training Abilities

There are four categories from which you may select abilities which will enhance your pet’s fighting capabilities.

  • Magical Abilities allow you to give the pet magical abilities in one of the Spell Schools, skills or Skill Masterys.
  • Special Abilities allow you to give them pet only special abilities.
  • Special Moves allow you to give the pet special moves, the same as found on weapon special moves.
  • Area Effects allow you to give the pet an area attack, targeting multiple enemys with an area.

Your Pet may only have a total of 3 options from 5 possibilities over the four categories:

  • 1 Magical Ability
  • 1 Special Ability
  • 2 Special Moves
  • 1 Area Effect

Magical Abilities

Note: Selecting any new Magical Ability will replace any existing magical ability the pet may have.

The magical abilities listed below will require all available ability choices, choosing one of these will disallow the choice of a special ability, special move and area effect ability.

Special Abilities

  • Angry Fire
    • Causes the creature to deliver devastating fire attacks.
  • Dragon Breath
    • Causes the creature to deliver devastating fire damage based on its target’s health.
    • Only available to tameable creature with the classification Magical.
  • Grasping Claw
    • Causes the creature to use its claws to shred a target causing a loss in physical resistance and physical damage.
    • Only available to tameable creature with the classification Clawed.
  • Inferno
    • Causes the creature to surround its targets with fire, causing a reduction to fire resistance and devastating fire damage.
  • Mana Drain
    • Causes the creature to drain the mana of all nearby targets.
  • Raging Breath
    • Causes the creature to use a fiery breath inflicting a burst of fire damage that persists over time.
  • Repel
    • Causes all incoming damage to be reflected at the attacker.
  • Searing Wounds
    • Causes the creature to sear attackers resulting in a reduction in the effect of healing.
  • Steal Life
    • Causes the creature to attack with energy damage that will convert some of that damage back to health over time.
    • Only available to tameable creature with the classification Necromantic.
  • Vicious Bite
    • Causes the creature to inflict a festering wound on approaching targets that does direct damage over time.
  • Rune Corruption
    • Causes reduction to a target’s damage resistances.
    • Only available to tameable creature with the classification Insectoid.
  • Life Leech
    • Causes the creature to leech life from incoming damage.
  • Sticky Skin
    • Causes a reduction in attack speed to attackers.
    • Only available to tameable creature with the classification Sticky Skin.
  • Tail Swipe
    • Causes the creature to lash its tail at targets resulting in direct damage and a chance of paralysis and confusion, resulting in a decrease of intelligence and dexterity.
    • Only available to tameable creature with the classification Tailed.

Special Moves

With the exception of Cold Wind and Frenzied Whirlwind these moves are the same as the players special moves.

Area Effect Abilities

  • Explosive Goo
    • Causes a fiery spray on nearby victims causing energy damage
  • Aura of Nausea
    • Causes nearby targets to suffer a reduction in swing speed, hit chance, defense chance and faster casting.

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