Armor Engraving Tool

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Armor engraving tool.png
Armor Engraving Tool
Uses Remaining: 30
Weight: 1 Stone

An Armor Engraving Tool may be used to add a string of text to the tooltip of any piece of armor. They may be used 30 times but are non-rechargeble. Unlike some other tools, they have no skill requirement to use.

They were introduced in conjunction with Ultima Online's 11th Anniversary for players in Japan as part of the 11th Year Collection box but were later made available to all players worldwide.

Armor Engraving Tools are available for purchase from the UO Game Code Store, either as part of the 11th Year Collection or individually for $2 USD each and listed as the 11th Year Engraving Tool in the item list. The item comes as a redeemable token which can be double-clicked to claim the item.