Artisan Festival

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"The Artisan Festival" is a new Crafting event presented with Publish 95 to help introduce the new/expanded Bulk Order Deed (BOD) system to the players.


Give filled BODs to the Elf standing near a snowy patch within the designated city during a specific time period to help "grow" the holiday tree.


Anyone can turn in a filled BOD to the Elf at the Artisan Festival area, regardless of who crafted the items to fulfill the BOD. This allowed Crafters to give BODs to other characters/players. Each BOD is assigned a point value, which contributes to the total points necessary to make the holiday tree grow to its maximum stage. Per Kyronix: "The points listed on the BOD are a good measure of the value of the a BOD (including bonuses for exceptional/large). The amount of entries you get into the reward raffle are based on a fraction of these values (to keep things neater behind the scenes)." Stratics thread This raffle being the "random award" of gifts when checking the giant red bag on the 4th day of the cycle. If the tree is not fully developed, some people will not get a reward even if they contributed.

Tree Growth and Stages

(photos coming)

New Giftbox Artwork, 2016

Players have 3-days to give the Elf Filled BODs which will contribute to the growth of the tree. At Shard-up on the 4th day, an "explosion" of presents will scatter over the area, and a giant red bag will appear. For the next 24 hours, anyone who contributed has a chance of receiving a gift by checking the giant red bag.

  • If the tree reaches full development (star & lights appear), then everyone who gave the elf a filled BOD will receive a Present
    • Present has a timer of 6-days
  • Upon opening the present, another present appears - its contents based upon the Character's Karma (positive or negative)
    • This gift does not have a timer
    • New, randomly colored giftbox:
    • Giftbox is named after Character who receives it
Fully developed Artisan Festival Tree with animation, post Gift Distribution, Moonglow, Pacific Shard


Once the Holiday Tree is done Rewards for this event are based on the Vice versus Virtue theme.

  • All items can be locked down in a home
  • Paper Lanterns can be lit and will flicker
  • Sculptures cannot be turned, but can be activated to display energized animation
  • To activate animations, items cannot be locked down (activate in pack, then lock down)
  • Paper Lanterns, Paintings, and Throw Pillows can be turned to face South or East


  • BODs impossible to fill
    • Several BODs were awarded that were impossible to fill, including "exceptional" potions and scrolls for Alchemy and Inscription, respectively. A hot-patch helped to fix this problem, adjusting several types of BODs for the other trade professions.
    • BODs were distributed for unique recipes that can no longer be attained within the game (recipe came as gift from past event/holiday).
  • Criticism over the value of points vs. the value of resources necessary to fulfill BODs. An example, more ingots are needed to make 20-Bardiche/exceptional/iron BOD vs. 20-Dagger/exceptional/iron, yet they carry the same point value of 250.
  • There was no way to know how many points were needed to help the holiday tree reach its growth stages. Some claimed the tree was rigged in various cities, or even bugged.