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* [http://www.jcthebuilder.com JC's Workshop] - a portal for news and happenings on the Atlantic shard
* [https://www.facebook.com/uoatlantic/ UO Atlantic Facebook] - [https://twitter.com/uoatlantic UO Atlantic Twitter] - Fan-run social pages
* [https://www.facebook.com/uoatlantic/ UO Atlantic Facebook] - [https://twitter.com/uoatlantic UO Atlantic Twitter] - Fan-run social pages

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Atlantic Shard
Launched: September 1997
Time Zone: Eastern US
Maintenance Time: 5:00AM EST
IP Address:
EM Website: atlantic.uoem.net

The Atlantic Shard is one of the original four shards that launched with the original release of Ultima Online in September of 1997, along with Pacific, Great Lakes, and Lake Superior. Originally Atlantic was named Eastern, indicating what time zone it was in. Later on it was changed to Atlantic when more shards in that time zone were going to be added.

Atlantic has always been one of the highest population shards in UO. With the introduction of Character Transfers it has also become the hub for players trading items between shards. Event Moderator events have had well over one hundred players in attendance at times. It was also home to the largest guild Alliance in UO, consisting of nearly 1,000 characters formed around Champion Spawn Guilds.

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Here are links to major Atlantic specific sections on UOGuide.

  • Events - A list of current and past events on Atlantic
  • Unique Locations - A list of unique locations on Atlantic
  • Unique Items - A list of unique items that originated on Atlantic
  • BNN Articles - A list of old BNN articles specific to Atlantic
  • In-Game Books - A list of in-game books created on Atlantic
  • Guilds - A list of current and defunct guilds on Atlantic

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