Atlantic:Eighteenth Meeting of the Yew Council

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Thrawn: ok, thank you all for coming

Thrawn: before we begin, is there anything anybody would like to bring up?

Kotare II: yes

Thrawn: comments, recommendations, suggestions, complaints, etc?

Thrawn: go ahead Kotare

Kotare II: there is a war with the orcs in moonglow if any are interested

Joost shadow Xx: A war?

Rexor Khan says I have heard this

Joost shadow Xx: I thought they where arranging peace conference

Kotare II: against those members who attacked the orcsin moonglow

Kotare II: last sunday

Kotare II: just thought you'd like to know

Thrawn: anybody else?

Thrawn: ok then, let's begin

Thrawn: first off, let me give an update on the new Town Council positions

Thrawn: we will be holding a "mock trial" after this meeting in the Court of Truth

Thrawn: for those who have applied for judge and lawyer positions

Thrawn: all are welcome to come watch, and we will need a pair of volunteers as well

Ash: *volunteers*

Kotare II: i would like to express my intrest

Thrawn: if you are interested, please come to the Court of Truth with us afterwards

Kotare II: aye

Thrawn: also, we still need someone to fill the Town Historian position

Thrawn: the one person who applied has since withdrawn due to real life concerns

Thrawn: so if anybody is interested in that position, please contact me

Thrawn: finally, the Event Coordinator position

Thrawn: having shown a nice blend of creativity and organization

Thrawn: as well as sharing some good ideas we hope to be able to see come to life

Thrawn: Joost Shadow is the new Event Coordinator of Yew

Joost shadow Xx: Jay

Joost shadow Xx: *smiles*

Pyros: *applauds*

Thrawn: now Joost, since you are here, would you mind giving some info

Rexor Khan says **Claps**

Thrawn: on the upcoming Spring Festival?

Joost shadow Xx: I was hoping having my rough sketched plans detailed a bit further in

Joost shadow Xx: cooperation with you Thrawn

Thrawn: why not just give them a small taste for starters?

Thrawn: a sneak peek for those who come to the meetings

Thrawn: *grins*

Joost shadow Xx: Hmm I had in mind for the spring festival....

Joost shadow Xx: The final Snowball fight as it will be changing season

Joost shadow Xx: Just throw the small leftover of snow at each other

Ash: just don't throw the yello wsnow

Pyros: *chuckles*

Joost shadow Xx: Another one of my ideas is a horse race, with maybe a larger role later on

Rexor Khan says Aye that would be bad

Joost shadow Xx: A pie eating contest and some other

Joost shadow Xx: ofcourse most in combination with prices

Joost shadow Xx: Thats all I'd have to say for now

Thrawn: thank you

Thrawn: keep an eye on the Council website for more info concerning the Festival

Rexor Khan says How about a race around a set course
Rexor Khan says horse or foot

Thrawn: in other news, there has been some talk about some programs for the

Thrawn: coming of the new lands

Onikirimaru says your out of shape
SunWolf says all stay
Rexor Khan says hehe

Thrawn: one such program involves keeping excess Moonstones you may find

Thrawn: in order to help some of the younger citizens

Joost shadow Xx: Have a seat captain

Thrawn: into Trammel if they wish to go there

SunWolf says thank you
Kotare II says hehehe, does no one like being around me?

Ce'Nedra Willow: ohhohh

Thrawn: so please, hold on to those Moonstones! Don't just throw them away

Kotare II says lol

Ce'Nedra Willow: *grins*

Rexor Khan says feel better now
Rexor Khan says ?

Windlord: I have no more room to keep any

Kotare II says yup

Windlord: Is there someone I can give my extras to?

Thrawn: I'm sure we can find a communal place to store excess ones

SunWolf: i'll fine a place for them all

SunWolf: sct has a

SunWolf: crate infrotn fo the oven

SunWolf: store them there

Windlord: ok

Thrawn: also, there has been some talk of placing houses in the new lands

Thrawn: perhaps trying to find a nice clearing where the citizens of Yew

Thrawn: can set up a nice little town of some such

Rexor Khan says Aye

Thrawn: several people have graciously offered to donate houses and gold

Rexor Khan says sound good

Thrawn: and hopefully, the chaos of the house placement won't prevent that from happenin

Ce'Nedra Willow: *smirks*

Thrawn: there's still some things to plan out, like which clearings to look at

Thrawn: and what type of placing strategy to use

Joost shadow Xx: Remember you can also place in the woods itself

Joost shadow Xx: very closely to Yew

Thrawn: hopefully it will be a success

Thrawn: and we'll start with a nice little niche in the new lands

Boltar says Sires I am sorry for the Intrusion...

Thrawn: now, I noticed many people arrived here late today

Thrawn: so does anybody have anything to bring up or discuss?

Joost shadow Xx: hehe

Boltar says I need to speka to someone very high in this City
Boltar says speak
Boltar says it concernes the Vesper meeting

Thrawn: go ahead then Boltar

Boltar says may i Sit?

Thrawn: sure

Boltar says I am Boltar Blackstone,Private of the Moonglow Militia
Boltar says And i cam with Grim news
Boltar says i am looking here and 3 days for Lord Thoma Valient
Boltar says to warn him of the Impending Infiltration of the Council and alliance by OES

SunWolf: i just left him

Boltar says my Informer hath told me that Shaka of OES hath assumed another Identity
Boltar says and now he is to be the councellor`s right hand
Boltar says thus,leading him slowly to corruption
Boltar says I came to warn the Alliance
Boltar says ad for me i am a mere Footman
Boltar says Questions Sires?
Lord Rainbow King says Mayhap a case for Sneaky Pete?
Boltar says i have the proof for it Sires

Thrawn: so you do not know the name of this "infiltrator" ?

Ash: Do you have the identity of this right hand man?

Boltar says Aye
Boltar says aloud me 3 mins to conatc
Boltar says and concentrate
Boltar says please carry on i will be back

SunWolf: should we get thoma?

Pyros: Guess so

Rexor Khan says Tis indeed grave news

SunWolf: he is at the ungry halfing

SunWolf: bartending

Rexor Khan says seeems visably shaken

Ash: heh now we know why sunwolf was late...drinkin at the hungry halflng

Kotare II says hehehe

SunWolf: thoma is coming

SunWolf: i found a pigeon

SunWolf: *smiles*

SunWolf: actully i was giveing a tour

SunWolf: of fogwood and rivendale

Joost shadow Xx: Thats what they all say

Joost shadow Xx says Thats what they all say

Ash: tour of the bottom of yur whiskey glass

SunWolf: to little whitedoves guild

SunWolf: hail thoma

Thoma Valient says Hail

SunWolf: since there is peopel better at speaking than i

SunWolf: can someoen fill thoma in

Kotare II: i must be going. I shall return shortly. m'lady, thanks for you fine company

Thrawn: seems this man Boltar came here to warn you about someone trying to deceive you

Ce'Nedra Willow: *smiles*

Thoma Valient says I have heard...

Thrawn: do you know who he speaks of? who he suspects to be the spy?

Thoma Valient: Nay...

Boltar says Sire...His Name is Thanous

Ash: *gasp*

Thoma Valient says Thanous?
Boltar says His true identity is Shaka of OES
Thoma Valient says Oh no...
Boltar says and i have Proof for it My Lord
Rexor Khan says Oh my word
Thoma Valient says Boltar
Thoma Valient says let us hear the proof

Ce'Nedra Willow: *didn't realise that was a secret*

Boltar says I have contacted my Informant and handed me 2 Scrolsl containing the message that i
Lord Rainbow King says That's hardly a wellkept secret
Boltar says i can hand them to Lord Thma
Boltar says thoma
Boltar says (email them)
Boltar says Luckily i managed to come in time
Boltar says there is hope still
Thoma Valient says I added him to the stone earlier
Thoma Valient says Thanous
Boltar says Aye Shaka of OES AKA
Thoma Valient says He did speak too well for someone like that
Thoma Valient says HE said
Bront says checkl 1 done!
Thoma Valient says he was in LLTS
Thoma Valient says before
Boltar says I have the Proof sire
Thoma Valient says his story made good sense
Thoma Valient says I know
Thoma Valient says take my pigeon
Boltar says hold sire
Thoma Valient says 38198197
Boltar says now sire
Boltar says aye Sire
Boltar says shall i sent the Documents now?
Thoma Valient says Yes
Boltar says Let me then conctarte and bring my informant to sent them to you..

Thrawn: thank you for the warning Boltar, hopefully it will help avert the infiltration

Thrawn: does anybody else have anything to address?

nicholas says i wish to address th ecouncil

Thrawn: go ahead Nicholas

nicholas says Many montha go
nicholas says ago
nicholas says I wished to join your fine guild

Ce'Nedra Willow: I have something to say

nicholas says but as things hapen in life
nicholas says it was not meant to be
nicholas says i have since joined a guild called the
Boltar says Pidgeon sent sire
nicholas says warders
nicholas says we wish to allign ourselves with you
nicholas says I am not sure how this is done
nicholas says but i assure you we are valuable allies

Thrawn: thank you for the offer

nicholas says it is my pleasure to bring it to you

Thrawn: I would suggest getting in touch with myself or SunWolf outside the meeting

nicholas says hmm
nicholas says very well

Thrawn: Ce'Nedra, you had something?

nicholas says very well

Ce'Nedra Willow: Aye.

nicholas says i will take my leave

Ce'Nedra Willow: For those who didn't get my extremely mass message.

nicholas says good day

Ce'Nedra Willow: I recently grandmastered Tailoring.

Gwendolyn says Congrats!
Rexor Khan says congrats
Thoma Valient says Congrats

Joost shadow Xx: Nice achievement

Ash: Takin orders?

Ce'Nedra Willow: It was the first time I have ever grandmastered a skill.

Rexor Khan says *Claps*

Ce'Nedra Willow: And has taken me a year and a half to do so.

Ce'Nedra Willow: Many of the hides that helped me do it, came from the Yew Militia

Ce'Nedra Willow: When Renee was in charge.

Ce'Nedra Willow: And I thank you all for that.

Boltar says Sire
Boltar says Falcons Sent to thee bearing the messenges(Chekc email)

Ce'Nedra Willow: And yes I will take orders.

Thoma Valient says thank you

Ash: *grins*

Lord Rainbow King says Hey my order is already placed!

Ce'Nedra Willow: Yes and yours will get finished first.

Boltar says Sire have the Falcons arrived?

Thrawn: Congratulations Ce'Nedra

Thrawn: does anybody else have anything to say? before we move to the Court?

Thrawn: for those of you who may have missed it, we are having a small trial

Ash: i'd like to speak to sunwolf after this meeting

Thrawn: after the meeting, to help decide upon new Judges and Lawyers for the Court

Gwendolyn says *raises hand*

Thrawn: Gwendolyn?

Gwendolyn says I would just like to make an announcement.
Gwendolyn says The next Trinsic Bazaar will be held Saturday at 4pm est.
Gwendolyn says Thank you

Thrawn: Thank you

Ash: where in Trinsic?

SunWolf: is it weekly now?

Gwendolyn says It's held in the Marketplace Squre, which is by the docks.
Thoma Valient says Geezus...
Thoma Valient says I part for Golgatha at once...
Gwendolyn says Yes, I think the plan is to hold them weekly.
Boltar says Sire?
Thoma Valient says farewell
Gwendolyn says We are trying to sort out which time of day is best.

Boltar: Sire!

Boltar: *sighs*

Thrawn: okay then, thank you all very much for coming

Thrawn: I invite you all to join us at the Court

Boltar: Lords and ladies i assume Lord Thoma is highly Upset

Thrawn: if you wish to volunteer or just watch the mock trial

Joost shadow Xx says Can SunWolf add me to the stone?

Boltar: I Have to Depart for moonglow

Joost shadow Xx says Venture safe

Ash: Be safe Boltar

Boltar: My Captain needs me ther for the

Boltar: peace talk tonite

Boltar: with the Orcs

Joost shadow Xx: Goodluck

Boltar: Farewell

Ash: Rexor follow me

Thrawn: that is all for today, thanks for coming