Atlantic:Tenth Meeting of the Britain Council

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Tassadar: Ok if everyone would take a seat I'd like to welcome everyone to our meeting.. We're proud to announce that Wren has won the position of Ambassador for the city of Britain
Hengist: *Claps*
Wren Hapswill: *chuckles*
FallOut: *claps*
Tassadar: *claps for wren*
Molly: *claps*
Auren Therion: Congratulations Sir Wren on thy appointment
Wren Hapswill: Thankye all
Tassadar: Thats about it that I have to announce.. So does anyone have anything they'd like to bring up?
Hengist: Aye. Our guest has something to bring before us
FallOut: aye i do
Tassadar: Then please go ahead, FallOut
FallOut: Well first off id like to thank you for inviting us and i would like to introduce myself. I am Fallout King of the lands of Evermoore
Molly: welcome
SyKo: hail
FallOut: I would like to propose that my knights be allowed to guard the lands of fellucia in town. what i propose is a guard to the weaker citizens of britain in all towns to help them during monster attacks. i would appoint a marshall and this marshall would put together the volunteers of the land sworn to protect the citizens
Tassadar: Please continue, FallOut
FallOut: that is my first proposal
Tassadar: My only thought on that Fallout is that We'll be forming our own Militia.. and along with the Militia's of other Cities. Recruitment is going to be tight..
tazz: hello alll
Tassadar: Hail Everyone who just walked in
Tassadar: *smiles*
tazz: escuse me save my seat i must find my other member, gol stay tight
Tassadar: We'll be happy to help you in any way we can though Fallout, it's a good idea and one that should be pursued
FallOut: well then how can Evermoore help in this endeavor?
Athena: Will all our guilds be allied?
Tassadar: I'd recommend you get in touch with each of the local militias Fallout and work out something with them..
Athena: Im a little lost
Tassadar: (please raise your hand to talk and wait be acknowledged). Fallout had another thing to say I believe?
Tassadar: Fallout did you have another proposal?
FallOut: well yes, but i think you have covered it. we have formed an alliance with 10 other guilds sworn to protect Britain in fellucia. I was wondering, who is coordinating something like this?
tazz: may i make a statement
Tassadar: No one right now.. (that i'm aware of)
tazz: may i speak
FallOut: May i take that responsibility?
Tassadar: (you can speak when Fallout is done, Tazz)
tazz: k
Vlad Tepes: ;-)
Tassadar: Finished FallOut?
FallOut: I just wanted to know if i may take that responsibility Or is that an appointed position
Tassadar: I'd say it's just something someone tries to do..
FallOut: ok then thats all i have thank you all
Tassadar: Ok Tazz now you may speak
tazz: Hail all, i am tazz, runner of the Guardians of Light. i heard about this meeting, and thought hell GoL shoudl get involved. first as you can see some of my best warriors have shown with me. we are all wondering whats this about
Tassadar: What the council is about?
tazz: aye
Tassadar: Provide a forum for guilds in and around britain to come together and work together.. To assist in producing fiction for the shard..
tazz: how do you get on this "council"
Tassadar: You run for an office, and then hopefully you get elected
tazz: who elects you, and do you have to join another guild to do it
Tassadar: The people of Atlantic, And right now because Allies have been screwed up.. no you don't have to join our stone but you have to put us in your title
tazz: how does the election go color=#008000>Tassadar: We generally have the canidates give a speech, then open up either a web poll or a ballot box for a few days after
tazz: are all the offices filled yet
Tassadar: Right now they are
tazz: whens the next election
Tassadar: We'll have another opening probably soon, but I can't give any specific dates
tazz: hmmm... how would the GoL get involved
Tassadar: Well your always welcome to attend our meetings
tazz: is there a allieship we can join
Tassadar: As far as an offical Alliance.. no.. but we support the HoA and BWC.. both of which are sort of alliances
tazz: ok, thanks. the gol has to leave
Tassadar: I hope I answered you questions
Tassadar: *smiles*
tazz: we have to leave. we will return
Tassadar: Farewell
Lance: farewell
Kona: bye all
Molly: farewell
FallOut: *raises hand*
Hengist: *Raises hand*
Tassadar: Hengist
Hengist: I was wondering, does the city of Jhelom still have its council? or has it been dissolved?
Tassadar: Hrm..
Hengist: I have seen no mention of it
Auren Therion: I have received word recently that it does still exist. They are appointing offices at the moment I believe
Hengist: Auren, do you know how I may contact them?
Tassadar: They are looking for Milita men also. The sage of Valor would be a good way to contact them
Auren Therion: *nods*
Hengist: Okay--and where do i find him or her?
Tassadar: Wildboy. That I don't know. You could try posting on the HoA board that your trying to contact the Jhelom council.. someone should be able to get them for you
Hengist: I thank you
Auren Therion: Laein is also another person to contact. I believe they are head of the council...
Hengist: ah who is Laecin?
Auren Therion: I have not seen much of the Jhelom council, I only get reports and information
Hengist: I have one more question then
Tassadar: Go ahead
Tassadar: *smiles*
Hengist: Has the Council of Honor in Trinsic also survived the move to Trammel?
Tassadar: I am not sure which facet they are on, but I do know the trinsic counil does meet still
Auren Therion: Last I spoke with Mayor Nova they are reorganizing. I am not sure on their current position
Hengist: Thank you
FallOut: I must take my leave pressing matters in Evermoore draw me away..pardon me all
Tassadar: Please comde again Fallout, it was great having you
Hengist: We wish to establish relations with all councils, but this was the only one I have been able to contact, so i became concenred as to the fate of the others
Tassadar: Yew is still very strong
Auren Therion: *nods*
Hengist: Good
Wren Hapswill: Aye their council meets every other Sunday
Tassadar: Vesper and Moonglow are fast growing as well
Hengist: What of Minoc, the city of Sacrifice?
Tassadar: I have heard they are also starting a council, but I know nothing else.FONT>
Tassadar: Anything else, Hengist
Hengist: No. Thank you
Tassadar: Ok.. anyone have any thing else?
Tassadar: Alright then, Thanks to everyone for coming, and I hope ye return next week
Velour: We are forming a new guild in the area. Who is the contact person for this council?
Tassadar: That would be our ambassador, Wren Hapswill
Velour: icq or mail for the ambassador?
Tassadar: Hrm..
Wren Hapswill: ICQ is convienent for me
Tassadar: (thought wren was asleep :p)
Wren Hapswill: I am also almost always in the HoA IRC room..
Molly: Wren could we have your number
Molly: *smiles*
Wren Hapswill: Aye.. of course
Velour: thanks
Hengist: I belive that you have mine already Wren
Tassadar: Ok.. anyone else? (and i mean it this time)
Tassadar: Ok since we appear to be finished, thanks again for comming everyone. I hope you come back next week
Hengist: Fare well all
Tassadar: *smiles*