Atlantic:Winterbreeze Library

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Winterbreeze Library is a rune library and Lockpicking complex that is located on the Atlantic shard, near the town of Yew on the Trammel facet. The Winterbreeze Village consists of four individual buildings, three libraries and a chapel.

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The Main Library is located right between Empath Abbey & Yew City. There is also a Stable right in front of the Library to claim and stable pets needed for adventuring and hunting. The Winterbreeze Garden on the roof of the Main library harbors some fruit trees with fresh apples and peaches for hungry pets.

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Lockpicking boxes are on the second floor!

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Winterbreeze School of Arts & Crafts

  • Brand New Crafting Library with rune books and books describing how to gain in skill

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Winterbreeze Quest Library

  • Library with Runebooks and Guide books leading you through the Quests


Winterbreeze Chapel

  • For ceremonies, services, and meditation.

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Winterbreeze Museum

  • Located in the City of Zento, this Tokuno Islands house has many exotic items and fun things to see

Make sure you also check out the other buildings that make Winterbreeze special

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