Atlantic: 2016 Winter Classic 1v1 PVP Mage Tournament

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This 1v1 Magery tournament took place on the Atlantic shard on January 16, 2016. The prizes were:

  • First Place - 700 Million Gold & a commemorative plate tunic
  • Second Place - 300 Million Gold

Spolier-free viewing and match timestamps are available on Youtube:

Mini crystal ball.gif Spoiler Warning
Below you will find detailed results of matches and the outcome of the tournament. You may wish to watch the spoiler free video first.

Event Video

Match Results

The tournament format was a round robin where every player faced each other.

Match # Player 1 Player 2 Winner
1 Roidzinator vs Caligula Caligula
2 Caligula vs Pine-Sol Caligula
3 Pine-Sol vs Captain Creampie Pine-Sol
4 Paithan the Elf vs Boadisafa Boadisafa
5 Captain Creampie vs Paithan the Elf Paithan the Elf
6 Asha Sukanara vs Cady Asha Sukanara
7 Roidzinator vs Pine-Sol Pine-Sol
8 Caligula vs Captain Creampie Caligula
9 Pine-Sol vs Paithan the Elf Paithan the Elf
10 Boadisafa vs Captain Creampie Boadisafa
11 Paithan the Elf vs Asha Sukanara Paithan the Elf
12 Captain Creampie vs Roidzinator Roidzinator
13 Pine-Sol vs Boadisafa Boadisafa
14 Asha Sukanara vs Captain Creampie Asha Sukanara
15 Cady vs Paithan the Elf Paithan the Elf
16 Boadisafa vs Asha Sukanara Boadisafa
17 Roidzinator vs Paithan the Elf Paithan the Elf
18 Boadisafa vs Caligula Caligula
19 Asha Sukanara vs Pine-Sol Pine-Sol
20 Cady vs Captain Creampie Captain Creampie
21 Roidzinator vs Boadisafa Boadisafa
22 Cady vs Boadisafa Boadisafa
23 Pine-Sol vs Cady Cady (forfeit)

Overall Results

Name Wins Losses
Asha Sukanara 2 3
Boadisafa 6 1
Cady 1 4
Caligula (Sensu) 4 0
Captain Creampie 1 6
Roidzinator {Aeyko) 1 4
Pathian the Elf 5 1
Pine-Sol (Arnold) 3 4


Best two out of three rounds. Finalists were Boadisafa vs Caligula.

  • Round 1: Caligula wins
  • Round 2: Boadisafa wins
  • Round 3: Boadisafa wins


  • Boadisafa came in first, winning 700 million gold and a commemorative plate tunic
  • Caligula came in second, winning 300 million gold.

Atlantic 2016 winter classic winner plate tunic.jpg