Atlantic: Spiritwood

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This Event Moderator event took place on the Atlantic Shard January 21, 2016. Some player received a Finely Hewn Ebony Chest of Drawers from the event.


Danica Amandine calls forth the royal guard to investigate unusual activity near the city of Yew. They meet up with Florian the Monk who directs the guard to investigate the woods outside the city. Once there the guard finds strange Poisoned Wood creatures. The guard dispatches them, allowing Sylanae the Sacred Nymph to come out of hiding. She reveals that her husband has come down with a sickness and has secluded himself in the hidden valley in an attempt to control it. She pleads with the guard to go help him. The guard rushes to help but it is too late, Mephralex goes mad and requests the guard kills him to prevent further spread of this affliction.

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