BNN: Deception and Honor

Marisa Mordin Oct 11 2000 1:10AM

A band of heroes gathered at the Journey's End tavern to get information on the whereabouts of Dlormor Jurma from the Guard Deamon. As if knowing that there would be danger the Heroes showed up in battle gear and came with great beasts called Dragons. Deamon entered the tavern and was assaulted with questions almost before he could greet the group. Deamon spoke "Lady Marisa, I have some good information for you this evening." He paused whilst many a person asked questions then continued "I followed a lead from one of my brethren guards. It seems that they had captured a drunk that was talking about this person he saw speaking to Earth Elementals."

"I talked to this man at length" Deamon grinned "and he did hear that Dlormor was meeting representatives of the Earth Elementals north of Britain." "So Deamon did you locate this meeting place?" Marisa asked. Deamon smiled and said "aye lady that I did, additionally I have taken it on myself to mark a rune for you."

The party wasted no time in opening a magical moongate to the location of the rune. But alas upon exiting the gate were beset by an Orc war party and some Earth Elementals. We didst lose one soul almost right off, but thanks to the healers in the group his spirit was returned to the living. Then with a war cry a large band of Earth Elementals were spotted, and the dragons were sent in to attack. The melee was joined in earnest by all. Many a soul lost their bodies to be resurrected by the healers. But that was not the worst of it a cry was heard "A Thief!!!!! Caution there be a Thief amongst us!!". It seems that there were two in the group that were bend on profit from others this did not help with the battle. Alas the heroes continued to fight with an eye on their purses. When most of the Earth Elementals were dispatched the heroes tried to parlay with two that seemed to be in charge of this rabble. BreeOge was heard saying, "Please stop talk to us!" these two named Pete and Moss were not in the listening mood it seemed, for they did attack, until that is one of them died. The other seemed to melt into the ground like flowing sand. On the carcass of the dead on was found a book.

The book was given to Marisa to read. "Very interesting…. It seems that Dlormor was told that we were coming" she paused " it says here that Dlormor will meet the Earth Elementals and their Brethren in the lost lands at the oasis in the desert."

The party then decided to retreat from the Desert to heal and recoup their losses, but before leaving one of the scoundrel thieves did attack Marisa and kill her! The healers in the group resurrected her and the good members of the Group vowed retribution on the one whom killed Marisa. The party regrouped in the tavern to discuss their next move. It was decided that next time they would meet, it would be to get Dlormor Jurma!

On Saturday the 14th at 7pm (pst) the hunt is on for Dlormor Jurma!

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