BNN: Knowledge of the KnightMage

Jerrith the Sage April 13, 1999

It would seem my health fails me, now of all times, and yet I must finish my research on the KnightMage. Digging through tome after tome I have found one consistent point of interest in all of the writings on the subject of Kelras and the Heaven’s Knights, A Magical Spring.

It would seem that Sylia stumbled upon an ancient magic spring as a child. After drinking from it she said she was surrounded with a glowing light and a feeling of peace and strength. The writings also state that Sylia took the members of the Heaven’s Knights to this spring before each encounter with the KnightMage. We must locate this spring and utilize it power to aid us in our cause. The whereabouts of the spring are not given in any of the writings that I have available to me in the library. The lower library of Britain has been used for centuries to collect information on the happenings of this world. It has been opened only to a select few to keep its books safe from harm. I have no choice but to open the lower library and allow those with an interest in stopping this evil to aid me by leaving any information they may have on the whereabouts of the magical spring or Kelras and his KnightMage.

Away to Lord British’s Castle ye must go, close to the forge and anvil. Rub thy hands upon the walls until ye find the latch, press it, the wall shall open to thee. There ye shall find a rune, take thy step upon the rune and spout the word “Knowledge”. Ye shall find thyself in the lower library of Britain. I have left several books for thee to leave me information that ye find and I shall do likewise.

I will surely feel the wrath of the head scholar for this, but I must….

We shall defeat Kelras and the KnightMage…

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