BNN: Reynaud Wyndyar Banished!

Cornelius the court assistant Nov 26 2000 6:23PM

As was agreed Yoldran, elected mayor of the city of Moonglow, carefully selected a twelve-headed jury and judge Michael. The prosecutor, Kabach Cryonax, town constable of Moonglow, had three witnesses who claimed to have seen Reynaud wage war on the people of Moonglow.

Kabach Cryonax carefully asked questions to the witnesses, trying to prove that Reynaud had committed terrible crimes. The three witnesses appeared to have a few uncertain answers, because Rupert Corp, lawyer of Reynaud Wyndyar, was putting up a formidable defense, and questioned every statement the witnesses made.

At first it seemed as if Rupert was blocking the statements of the witnesses at every corner, making us all believe that there really was no evidence to support the claims made against Reynaud. But later on Kabach understood that Rupert was playing hardball, and started using every trick in the book. Most of the damage was already done at this point, however.

Then Rupert brought forth the two witnesses who would try to prove Reynaud’s innocence. I must say that the witnesses seemed of a somewhat questionable nature, but they seemed sincere in what they said. They mostly spoke of what a good friend and boy Reynaud always had been, and they could not recollect him ever hurting anyone. Kabach Cryonax asked a few counter-questions, attempting to see if they were speaking truthfully, and if they even witnessed the crimes committed.

After this second round of questions, the jury retired to the backroom to discuss the verdict. By this time there was a lot of tension in the Court of Truth, doubtful faces and mumbling in the hallways.

The jury returned and judge Michael inquired to the verdict. The verdict was:
For leading an attack upon the city of Moonglow – Not Guilty
For participating in an attack upon the city of Moonglow – Guilty

Judge Michael decided, based on the evidence given and the decision of the jury, that Reynaud Wyndyar was to be stripped of his belongings and set on a boat headed to ‘beyond the edges of the known world’.

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Reynaud is currently being held in a cell underneath Castle British on the Felucca facet, awaiting his banishment.

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