BNN: Riddle of the Ancient Dragon

Vilius the Scribe Sep 24 2000 6:31PM

Once again, people of Britannia, there have been sightings of the ancient dragon, Al’Cedra! It is nearly the first of the month, but this time a strangeness fills the air. Al’Sarin has appeared and said that he will be in the town of Skara Brae upon the evening of September 27th. Any who wish to come to him may try and answer seven riddles.

It seems that the riddles are not only difficult, but also pose a clue as to where the next event will take place. Any time in the evening all citizens of Britannia may stop by and try to answer the riddles. Each citizen may try only once to offer up his answers. In the morning, a list of the names of those who have answered the riddles correctly will be prepared and sent out. On the evening of the next day, you may see if you have advanced to the next arena.

Al’Norin will await those who pass the first test. Little is known of this test, but he is the warrior dragon, so fighting may be a part of it. Al’Sarin has said that tests of both feats of arms and of the mind shall be given before the final entrance to the lair. Who knows what dangers await those who venture out to take the second test?

Lastly, entrance to the lair may be gained. Perhaps this time, fellow citizens, those who come into the presence of Al’Cedra will listen to her words more carefully, remembering the corpses that littered the lair a’fore.

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