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Balm/Lotions are optained through stealing from monsters introduced in Publish 57.

Balms/Lotions cannot be used on Pets. They are used like potions by double clicking on them or using them.

Type Effects Duration /
Mana Draught.png Mana Draught Instantly restores between 25 to 40 points of Mana. 10 Minutes
Seed Of Life.png Seed Of Life Instantly heals between 25 to 40 Hit Points, even through Poison or Mortal Wounds. 10 Minutes
Balm Of Protection.png Balm Of Protection Reduces by 50%-100% the damage sustained from Interred Grizzle/Monstrous Interred Grizzle acid and area effect cold/fire (eg near Prism of Light ice water, Ice Elementals or Fire Gargoyles). The resistance chance is rolled each time damage would be dealt.

This balm does not protect against spell/weapon elemental damage.
30 Minutes
Balm Of Strength.png Balm Of Strength Increases Strength by 10 30 Minutes
Balm Of Swiftness.png Balm Of Swiftness Increases Dexterity by 10 30 Minutes
Balm Of Wisdom.png Balm Of Wisdom Increases Intelligence by 10 30 Minutes
Life Shield Lotion.png Life Shield Lotion Reduces by 50%-100% the Life Drain damage sustained from a Succubus or Tentacles of the Harrower. The resistance chance is rolled each time damage would be dealt. 30 Minutes
Stone Skin Lotion.png Stone Skin Lotion Increases a character's Physical Resistances by 30 but reduces his Fire and Cold levels by 5. 30 Minutes

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