Bard Masteries

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Bard Masteries are special abilities came with the Publish 66 that can be obtained by completing The Beacon of Harmony quest for the Peacemaking abilities, Indoctrination of a Battle Rouser quest for the Provocation abilities or Wielding the Sonic Blade quest for the Discordance abilities. Book of Bard Masteries will be rewarded upon quest completion containing the mastery abilities.

Once a mastery has been choosen, the abilities are freely usable at any time and only have as requirements the skills (Both musicianship and the Mastery Skill must be above 90.0) and mana costs. For the abilities to work, the party must remain within range of the Bard to remain under its effects. Bards may be interrupted when they receive damage while using their abilities. A bard may only have one ability in effect at a time and the abilities do not stack with themselves. All abilities require Upkeep (required Mana per second for the spellsong to be active) dependent on how many are being affected by the ability and will not check for criminal flagging.

As of Publish 67, bard spell songs are no longer interrupted by spellcasting. As of Publish 73 PvM Damage now has a chance to interrupt based on damage amount. Bards with either provocation or peacemaking mastery can have both their mastery spell songs active at the same time and Bards with secondary bard skills above GM (Real Skill) receive a slightly reduced mana cost for spell song upkeep. Furthermore, Bards with any mastery get a 5% bonus to their success chance at using any bard skills and a 10% bonus to using the skill of their mastery focus. All bard songs receive a slight bonus to their effects if the bard has additional bard skills over GM (Real Skill). Bard skill timeout is 8 seconds and having a bard mastery reduces all Bard skill timeouts by 1 second with an additional second for the skill of the mastery focus.

  • Stronger effects are given with more barding skills. If another barding skill is at 100, 110, or 120 you gain an extra 'point'. These will give your spellsongs little more effect.
Path Icon Name Upkeep Cost Mana Cost Minimum Skill Description
Inspire.png Inspire
Uus Por
4 Upkeep 30 Mana 90 Skill This is a battle hymn interwoven with magical energy. It increases the confidence and focus of party members giving them bonuses to their offensive combat prowers. Party Hit Chance Increases by up to 15%, Bonus Damage Modifier up to 15% (Applies to all damage)
Invigorate.png Invigorate
An Zu
5 Upkeep 30 Mana 90 Skill This is an invigorating tune interwoven with magical energy. It increases the alertness of party members and makes them feel empowered, giving them bonuses to their stats. Party Hit Points increase by up to 20, Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity increase by up to 8. All party members healed for 7-16 damage every 4 seconds.
Resilience.png Resilience
Kal Mani Tym
4 Upkeep 16 Mana 90 Skill This is a song of fortitude interwoven with magical energy. It increases the natural resilience of party members giving them bonuses to regeneration and resistance to detrimental effects. Party Hit Point Regeneration, Stamina Regeneration and Mana Regeneration increase by up to 16, reduced duration on Curses, Bleed and Mortal Wound. Increased resistance to Poison. (Additional bard skills will raise to +22 regen)
Perseverance.png Perseverance
Uus Jux Sanct
5 Upkeep 18 Mana 90 Skill This is a song of protection interwoven with magical energy. It envelopes party members in protective magical energy. Party Defense Chance increase by up to 24%, damage taken reduced by up to 24%, Casting Focus increased by up to 4%. (Additional bard skills will raise the maximum to 30% and 6% focus)
Tribulation.png Tribulation
In Jux Hur Rel
10 Upkeep 30 Mana 90 Skill This is a bard spellsong which disrupts the target's ability to concentrate, reducing their Hit Chance and Spell Damage. The spell song also has the chance of causing any damage taken by the target to cause a burst of direct damage proportional to the damage taken. The amount of direct damage is proportional to the Discordance skill of the bard and the chance for the direct damage to take effect is proportional to the Musicianship skill of the bard. The damage further increases 1.5 times with Slayer instruments. This spell song is affected by the target's Magic Resistance.
Despair.png Despair
Kal Des Mani Tym
12 Upkeep 30 Mana 90 Skill This is a bard spellsong which will reduce the target's strength and periodically inflict damage on the target, as long as the target remains in range, and the bard has enough Mana to sustain the effect. The damage inflicted is proportional to the bards Discordance and Musicianship skills and its 1.5 times more for NPCs and 3 times more with Slayer instruments. This spell song is affected by the target's Magic Resistance. The type of damage is selectable through a context menu on your spellbook.

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