Basket weaving

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Basket weaving is a skill that can only be learned by Grandmaster tinkers. Learning the art of basket weaving does not cost any skill points, and has no effect on a character's skill cap.

To learn how to craft baskets, a tinker must read the book "Making Valuables with Basket Weaving", which can be purchased from the Gargoyle Tinker NPC located in the tinker shop in the Royal City in Ter Mur. The book costs 10,625 gold and is consumed once read. The basket weaving recipes will show in the tinkering menu regardless of whether or not the character has read the book.


To weave baskets, the resources Softened Reeds and Wooden Shafts are needed. Shafts can be crafted from boards or purchased from NPC bowyers.


Reeds are obtained from decorative plants by using clippers. The clippers need to configured to "set to cut reeds" via their context menu. The reeds are considered "dry reeds" but will be labeled according to the color of the plant they were cut from (and hued the same as well), e.g. "plain reeds".

The dry reeds can be turned into softened reeds using a scouring toxin. Two dry reeds are needed to make a single softened reed. The dry reeds must be of the same color. There are 3 ways soften the reeds:

  1. Double click a bottle of scouring toxin and target one of the reeds of the color desired.
  2. Open the alchemy menu using a mortar, go under the tab Earthen Mixtures and select "softened reeds". If the player only has a single type of dry reeds in their bag, it will be automatically turned into softened reeds. If multiple colors are present, a targeting cursor will be presented to select the ones to use.
  3. The second option (above) can be used from the tinkering menu under Wooden Items.

Dry reeds.jpg

Making the basket

In the Tinkering menu, under wooden items, players can see the various craftable baskets. The table below displays the types available as well as the material requirements. The reeds referred to in the table are softened reeds.

Basket materials.jpg

If the player has more than one type of softened reeds in their backpack, they will be asked to target the material they wish to use. If there are enough soft reeds of the targeted type, a completed basket hued the same color as the reeds will be created.

The basket will simply be labeled "basket" or the specific name its original art is.


Below is the complete set of craftable basket hues. Note that to obtain the plain version of any basket, players will need to use the scouring toxin on them as the "plain" plants will give hued reeds.

Basket hues.jpg



Round Basket
Round Basket (handles)
Small Bushel
Picnic Basket
Winnowing Basket
Square Basket
Tall Round Basket
Small Square Basket
Tall Basket
Small Round Basket


Softened Reeds