Ben the Apprentice Necromancer

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Quest of Virtue - Sacrifice

MapSacrifice1.gif MapSacrifice2.gif


The Barnacle Tavern, Minoc


Deliver a spirit bottle to the Ghost of Frederick Smithson in Covetous You'll find him just outside Covetous level 1 at the far end, in the mountain pass that leads to level 2.. In exchange for the bottle he will give you a ball of Dread Spider Silk. You must take this to Leon the Alchemist who can be found in the healer's at Vesper. Leon the Alchemist will give you a bandage which you must deliver to Andros the Blacksmith who can be found in Minoc at the armor shop called Warrior's Battle Gear, near the southeast corner of the bank.

SpiritBottle.gif AlchemistBandage.gif DreadSpiderSilk.gif

Reward: A Fathers Gratitude AndrosGratitude.gif