Bestial Armor Set

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The Bestial Armor Set is a 4-piece Item Set.

While wearing the Bestial (Berserker) Set, if your health drops below half, "You enter a berserk rage!" and your suit changes color (red/orange). The more you drop below 50% health the more rage, and the color will change too.

When you are in a rage, you take less damage from spells and weapons: "In your rage you shrug off 10 points of damage." Also, the rage seems to continue as long as you have incoming damage, or else it will time out over a period of a few seconds of not being damaged.

  • The "Rage" effect kicks in a second or so after you hit 50% of your Max hp's.
  • Your character will Turn Orange when this happens.
  • Maintaining the Berserk effect requires you to continue to take Dmg.
  • Your Berserk "Level" will increase/decrease the amount of dmg you ignore as well as the amount of healing that is blocked by being berserked.
  • It requires ~roughly 10 seconds of not taking dmg for your berserk effect to stop. (I think this can happen at less than 50% life though I didn't check that... bc I was in hp regen DOG form etc.)
  • There's 4 pieces for Elves / Humans (Bear Mask / Studded Gorget / Leather Gloves / Leather Legs)
  • The Bestial pieces can have 5 ADDITIONAL Mods imbued on it & each pc has a base imbuing intensity of 0, so bc it's not exceptional you can add a total of 450 imbuing intensity to it. The pieces cannot be enhanced with special materials.
  • The more pieces you have equipped the higher amount of dmg it will block. I know with hardly any armor it was blocking up to 28 points of dmg when berserked at a high level of RAGE.... That's with 4 pieces equipped for a total of "Berserk 5". With only 1 pc equipped I was blocking up to 8 points of dmg at a high level of Berserk....
  • Being under a RAGE / Berserk effect blocks healing on your character by a similar amount as the dmg that is blocked... but REGENS seem to work fine .

Total Stats


Bestial helm.png Bestial Helm Bestial leggings.png Bestial Leggings Bestial gorget.png Bestial Gorget
Bestial gloves.png Bestial Gloves

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