Blackthorn Artifact

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Blackthorn's Dungeon is in the basement of Blackthorn Castle on the north side the Britain. Hunting in Blackthorn's Dungeon drops Minax Artifacts into the player's backpack which can be turned into an NPC at the top of the stairs at the entrance to the dungeon. The Blackthorn Artifacts rewards that can be redeemed mimic the properties of other Artifacts from other systems in game.

Blackthorn Artifact Crimson Obi.png

Blackthorn Artifacts are reskinned versions of other artifacts that append Bearing the Crest of Blackthorn to the end of the item name. Blackthorn Artifacts are identical (in nearly all cases) to other artifacts currently available; however, they use a different art type. They include new versions of: Lieutenant of The Britannian Royal Guard, Quiver of Infinity, Rune Beetle Carapace, Cloak Of Death, Cloak Of Life, Cloak Of Power, Cloak Of Silence, Conjurer's Garb, Mystic's Garb, Shroud of the Condemned, Folded Steel Reading Glasses, Mace and Shield Reading Glasses, Night Eyes, Crimson Cincture, and Tangle. Blackthorn Artifacts also introduced the Epaulette--a new wearable that occupies the robe slot.

Art Types

Blackthorn Artifacts come in several different art types. The equipment slot is the same as the artifact on which the Blackthorn artifact is based; however, it is not possible to obtain a Blackthorn artifact in the same art type as the artifact on which it is based. For instance, one cannot obtain a Blackthorn artifact based on the Lieutenant of The Britannian Royal Guard in the form of a sash; it is only available as a Gargish sash, Surcoat, or Tunic.

Equipment Slot Art Type
Chest Slot Gargish Stone chest, Gargish Platemail chest, Dragon breastplate, Ringmail tunic, Chainmail tunic, Plate tunic
Robe Slot Hooded robe, Gargish robe, Gargish fancy robe, Gargish epaulette, Epaulette, Plain dress, Gilded dress, Fancy dress, Male kimono, Female kimono, Robe
Head Slot Gargish Glasses, Plate Helm, Norse Helm, Circlet, Royal Circlet, Jester Hat, Tricorne, Bandana, Skullcap, Gargish Earrings, Feathered hat, Wizard hat
Back Slot Gargish cloth wing armour, Cloak
Belt Slot Gargish half apron, Obi, Woodland belt, Leather ninja belt
Sash Slot Doublet, Gargish sash, Surcoat, Tunic


Blackthorn Artifacts are obtained from an Agent of the Crown. Double-clicking the Agent of the Crown opens the rewards dialog. Credits toward a Blackthorn Artifact are earned by turning in Minax artifacts. Minax artifacts are obtained as a reward for slaying creatures inside the Castle Blackthorn Dungeon. Minax Artifact drop rates are influenced by luck [1]. The number of credits ranges from ten to one-hundred based on the particular Blackthorn Artifact.

Item Type Properties Based on Points Cost
Decorative Shard Shield Deed None none 10
Painting (1) None none 10
Painting (2) None none 10
Chest Armor MI 10 MR 3 LMC 15%


Lower Requirements 100%,

Mage Armor

Rune Beetle Carapace 25
Back Slot DCI 5% Quiver of Infinity 25
Robe Slot Int +5 HPI 3 Shroud of the Condemned 25
Head Slot DCI 10% Nightsight, FCR3


Night Eyes 50
Head Slot HLD 30%, Str 10 Dex 5


Mace and Shield Reading Glasses 50
Head Slot Str +8 Nightsight DCI 15%


Folded Steel Reading Glasses 50
Robe Slot MI 5 LMC1% Mystic's Garb 50
Robe Slot Stealth +10 Cloak Of Silence 75
Robe Slot Str +2 Int +2 Dex Bonus 2 Cloak Of Power 75
Robe Slot HPI 3 HPR 1 Cloak Of Life 75
Robe Slot HCI 3% DCI 3% SDI 3% Cloak Of Death 75
Sash Slot Int +5 MR 2 LRC 10% Lieutenant of The Britannian Royal Guard 100
Robe Slot MR 2 Luck 140 DCI 5% Conjurer's Garb 100
Belt Slot Int +10 MR 2 DCI 5% Tangle 100
Belt Slot Dex +5 HPI 10 HPR 2 Crimson Cincture 100


Blackthorn Artifacts and the associated Minax artifacts were introduced in Publish 84 in late October, 2013. Minax artifacts were initially obtained by killing town invaders, but they can now be obtained from all areas of Castle Blackthorn Dungeon.