Book of Truth?

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Also see The Book of Truth, which contains information on the "real" Book of Truth as it relates to the mythology of UO.

The Book of Truth? was an attempt by evil forces to create and distribute a corrupted version of the real one. To acquire this book you had to slay monsters in the anti-virtue dungeons. The more monsters you slayed, the greater your chances of receiving a book on their corpse. You also had a better chance with creature's of high fame. For this reason, the drop rate is 2x better in Felucca due to the double-fame bonus. You don't have to have any quest to get a book.

When a book dropped on the monster corpse you heard a distinct flute noise. No other indication is given that the monster dropped the book and all players nearby could hear it, regardless of who had looting rights. Books of Truth? can still be insured, sent to the bank with a Bag of Sending, or toggled quest item to be unlootable by other players when you die.

The books stopped spawning on March 15, 2007.


The books spawned in the anti-virtue dungeons on both facets.


The books were an item to be turned in for one of 4 quests located in the Lycaeum, north of Moonglow. The Seekers of Truth could be found near the teleporters. Each quest (except for Veracity's) could only be completed one time per character.

Quest NPC Books
Veracity's Plea Veracity the Seeker of Truth 1 Veracity's Treasure Box
Veritae's Plea Veritae the Seeker of Truth 10 Veritae's Music Box Gear
Truth and Redemption Maxim the Seeker of Truth 25 The Redeemer
Seeker of Truth Menzzobaanea the Seeker of Truth 50 Gorget of Honesty

Although this is supposed to be a limited time event, the developers have stated all rewards will be available by some means in the future.


  • The nether energy suffusing the dungeons began to fade during the event, reducing the dispelling abilities of affected dungeon creatures somewhat.
  • Creatures in Wind temporarily dropped Books of Truth (this was changed as Wind is not a Dungeon of Anti-Virtue and was not intended to be included).
  • The drop sound radius was increased from 8 to 12 tiles
  • The Book of Truth drop rate in Felucca was eventually decreased slightly to account for the increased fame given by monsters on that facet. (The drop rate was 260%, it became 200%)