Brinnae the Wise

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Found in the city of Heartwood

Quest Title Details Reward
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-killer Slay 8 Dread Spiders A large bag of treasure
Gargoyle's Wrath Slay 6 Gargoyle Enforcers A large bag of treasure
The Afterlife Slay 15 Mummy A bag of treasure
Stirring the nest Slay 3 red or black Solen Queens A bag of treasure
Undead Mages Slay 10 Bone Mages / Skeletal Mages A bag of treasure
Impish Delight Slay 12 Imps A bag of treasure
Mongbat Menace! Slay 10 Mongbats and 4 Greater Mongbats A bag of trinkets
Three Wishes Slay 8 Eefreetis A large bag of treasure
Evil Eye Slay 12 Gazers A bag of treasure
Circle of Life Slay 8 Bog Things A large bag of treasure
Forked Tounge Slay 10 Ophidian Avengers or Ophidian Knight Errants A large bag of treasure
Lost in Transit Deliver to BrinnaeTheWise, see QuestStartingItems A Bag of Treasure