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Catskills Shard
Launched: December 22, 1997
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Maintenance Time: 5:00AM EST
IP Address:
EM Website:

Catskills is the local shard for North American East, along with Chesapeake, Atlantic, Lake Superior, Great Lakes, Siege Perilous, and AOL Legends.


Catskills, a moderately populated shard, is one of the most active in terms of scheduled events. Typically there are weekly events including a white net toss and role play tavern nights, along with other varieties, which are typically posted on the Stratics Catskills forum.

Role Playing

Catskills is well known for being the home of some of the most prominent Role Playing guilds in Ultima Online. One such guild was the ShadowClan Orcs, who revolutionized for Catskills' players what role playing really meant. They famously developed their own language for guild members to communicate and use; it was required. Another is Crimson Alliance and the Undead, who founded the city of Necropolis in Felucca, that boasts a famously blessed keep. Undead Lords also made their mark and were most famous for the PvP aspect of Role Play, and engaging in epic guild vs. guild warfare. Purple Guardians of Honor made their marks as the good guys everyone loved to hate, who alongside Guardians of Light and Knights of Yew they were famously proclaimed protectorates of three of the great cities (Trinsic, Serpent's Hold, and Yew) by none other than Lord British himself.

As of this writing (4/15/17) the most prominent role playing guilds that are currently active are the City of Moonglow, and the Players of Roles. Most of the Role Playing Guilds on Catskills are warred with each other to provide a fuller range of interaction, which is based on a minimal ROE and mutual cooperation.

Event Moderators

The EM assigned to Catskills is EM Dramnar.


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