Champion Spawn Altars

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An inactive altar

Champion Spawn altars can be found on all Facets except Trammel. They indicate that a champion can be summoned there whose defeat will yield special rewards such as titles or power scrolls. Random altars can be one of the following: Abyss Spawn, Arachnid Spawn, Cold Blood Spawn, Unholy Terror Spawn, or Vermin Horde Spawn.




An active altar

Lost Lands

The names for random spawns were made by players and are taken from the closest location, landmark, or Lost Lands entrance.

A red altar indicates a champion is current summoned and must be defeated.


  • The Minotaur Spawn (unofficial name) in the Labyrinth dungeon, has no altar
    • Coordinates: 27o 9'S 66o 9'W (X: 382 Y: 1933)
  • Pestilence Spawn (unofficial name) - Under the cemetery in Bedlam dungeon
    • Coordinates: 0o 26'S 80o 47'W (X: 174 Y: 1629)

Tokuno Islands

Stygian Abyss

Valley of Eodon