Chesapeake Player Town Banner

Example of a town banner design blueprint

Starting in late 2009, Chesapeake EM, working with Mesanna from EA/Mythic, allowed player towns and communities (also refered to at times as townships) to petition to receive permanent banners. Tailored banners were then constructed in accepted townships as permanent fixtures to recognize that particular township.

Current Banner Locations

The coordinates (waypoints) for the Chesapeake Player Town Banners are recorded here.

Size of Townships

In a Chesapeake House of Commons meeting on November 22, 2009, the EMs stated township designations (or class) would be recognized based on number of player houses in the township:

Township Designation Number of Player Houses
Settlement 1-4
Village or Hamlet 5-10
Town 11-20
City 21-30
Kingdom, Empire, or City-State 31-50