Cities & Towns

UO has a wide varity of towns and cities in all corners of the world.


  • Britain - The capital of Britannia
  • Buccaneer's Den - A den for pirates
  • Cove
  • Haven - For new adventurers
    • New Haven - Suddenly appeared from out of the space-time continuum due to the blackrock that destroyed Old Haven.
    • Old Haven - Destroyed by a massive blackrock explosion
  • Heartwood - The Elven homeland
  • Jhelom - City of Valor. Jhelom is located on an island. Jhelom is home to fighters and contains an arena.
  • Magincia - Home for mages
  • Minoc - City of Sacrifice. The city is known for their tinkers, craftsmen and artists. The notable places include the Guild of Artisans.
  • Moonglow - City of Honesty.
  • Nujel'm
  • Ocllo
  • Serpent's Hold - Stronghold of Courage.
  • Skara Brae - City of Spirituality. Skara Brae is located on an island. Home for rangers.
  • Trinsic - City of Honor. Trinsic is a walled city that served as a major port of the southern half of the continent. It is known for its Paladins.
  • Vesper
  • Wind - The hidden city
  • Yew - City of Justice. Housed the Court of Justice, as well as the Empath Abbey, the Cathedral of Love.

The Lost Lands



  • Luna - The city of Paladins
  • Umbra - Home to the Necromancer

Tokuno Islands

Ter Mur