Clainin laying in a coma


Clainin was an NPC and powerful mage. He was once the court wizard of Lord British's Royal Court, replacing Nystul. He served in this capacity going back to at least 2001, around the time of the invasions of the Juka. Nystul was a popular figure, making Clainin's job hard for a long time.

After the departure of Lord British, Clainin was made a member of the Royal Council.

He was injured in the Blackrock explosion of Haven, and lay in a coma in New Haven for two years but suddenly awoke on 13 March 2009, only to face an attempt on his life. Clainin survived this, and was later escorted by Player Characters on the direct orders of Casca out of New Haven as an EM event. This event typically included yet another assassination attempt by Shadowlord forces but was usually repulsed by players, whereupon Casca entrusted him "into the hands of Britannia’s finest soldiers."

However, about a week later, as part of an event called Cloak and Dagger, Clainin's luck finally ran out. Having survived much trial and tribulation, he was finally assassinated by the Shadowlord Faction, on the orders of Melissa the Mage, in the City of Trinsic. How Melissa found out where he was being hidden is not yet known.


Among his notable achievements is finding a cure for the Royal Guard commandant, as played by each Shard's Event Moderator. He also appears to have been involved in Avery's investigation of the Followers of Armageddon. He also spoke at length with Inu the Crone, and appears to have earned the half-mad prophet's grudging respect.

Also a scholar, Clainin authored a minor work on Malas and on the concept of Facets.


  • His name is often mis-spelled as "Clanin," even by the game manufacturers on occasion.
  • Dragging Clainin's body as it lay comatose at the Healer's of New Haven building could sometimes cause UO game client crashes.

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