Corpse Skin

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Words of Power - In Aglo Corp Ylem
Mana Cost 11 Corpse skin.jpg
Minimum Skill 20.0
Casting Delay 1.25s
Reagents Batwing, Grave Dust
Duration (caster's Spirit Speak - target's Resisting Spells) / 2.5 + 40 in seconds
Area of Effect One target
Description Turns the victim's skin dry and corpse like. This temporarily decreases the target's fire and poison resists (Fire and Poison resist decreased by 15 each), while increasing resistance to cold and physical damage (increasing both by 10 each).

This spell is used often in both PvP and PvM, to boost damage from fire-based spells and weapons that (through design or use of the Consecrate Weapon spell) do fire damage.

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