Daemon Bone Armor

Daemon bone chest.png
Daemon Bone Armor
Weight: 6 Stones
Self Repair 1
Physical Resist 6%
Fire Resist 6%
Cold Resist 7%
Poison Resist 5%
Energy Resist 7%
Strength Requirement 60
Durability: 255 / 255

The Daemon Bone Armor is part of a 5 piece Set. Unlike other Item Sets there is no additional benefit when wearing a complete set of Daemon Bone Armor. it looks much the same as regular bone armor but its hued a Red color. it can be found as loot on found as loot on Meer Mage's and Efreet's. For a short while Meer Mage's and Meer Eternal spawned bugged White Daemon Bone Pieces.

Each individual armor piece has the same modifiers.

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